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Image by Max McKinnon

SpaceWERX + H4XLabs

Combining the Orbital Prime initiative with H4XLabs' commercial experience

How is H4XLabs supporting SpaceWERX?

H4XLabs plays a pivotal role in building ecosystems and fostering connections within the space industry. We help companies already involved in the Orbital Prime Initiative secure investment and bring their technologies to market, including those related to orbital manufacturing and space debris removal.

We actively engage with the wider community to socialize emerging in-space markets and applications. By sharing information, fostering dialogue, and promoting collaboration, we contribute to the collective understanding and growth of the industry as a whole. We firmly believe that by creating an inclusive and interconnected community, we can collectively drive innovation and propel the development of new markets and applications in space.

The H4XLabs team is excited to organize and execute multiple in-person Orbital Prime events in 2023 - stay tuned!


SpaceWERX Presentation to STTR Awardees

SpaceWERX Panel Discussion

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