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We offer accelerator and advisorship programs to Deep Tech startups at any development stage.

Our Methodology

The H4XLabs program is based on the H4X​®​ innovation methodologies developed by BMNT in partnership with Steve Blank, and designed specifically to support mission-driven entrepreneurs. We deliver a hybrid curriculum that is taught in cohorts, but is customized by mission, type and stage of each startup. H4XLabs takes in founders at any stage of company creation from concept through product deployment and scale.

Our Curriculum

H4XLabs offers four custom tracks aligned with the stages of a company's development. 


For founders at the beginning of their startup journey looking to solidify their vision, build critical partnerships with end-users, define their business model, and accomplish the necessary steps to attract investment.

Market Validation

For those finding product-market-mission fit, getting their first customers, gaining traction via pilots, and raising their first institutional round. 

Demonstration and Field Validation

For companies ready to transition their tech. We will help field demonstrations, identify pathways to customer adoption, and accelerate entry into the government markets. 



For companies who have reached product-market fit or for established companies looking to scale further. We help develop the business to make exponential growth in revenue and customer reach.

How it works

Depending on the availability of the founding team, H4XLabs offers both intensive accelerator and tailored advisorship programs. Both tracks give founding teams access to H4XLabs mentors and networks for life. 

The Accelerator Program

An intensive program providing advisory, instructional, mentoring, and introductory services. This is truly hands-on and requires a commitment not to only attend the sessions but to work on specific areas discussed.

The Advisorship Program

A tailored program where we work together to advise the company on a few specific topics and not on the overall strategy for taking the company to the next level.  

If you're ready to take your tech to the next level, contact us.

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