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NAVY Launch 2023 Cohort

Advanced Ceramic Fibers has a patented Direct Conversion Process (DCP). ACF's DCP adds value to carbon fiber materials by reactively forming a conversion layer (not a coating) of metal carbides. Their fastener demonstrates superior performance characteristics of ultra-high temperatures, strength, and resistance to corrosion and oxidation.
Chiral Photonics (CPI) is a developer and manufacturer of fiber optic components serving a wide array of customers internationally: biomedical equipment manufacturers, communications infrastructure, and industrial machining companies.
Design Mill is a strategic systems integrator delivering pioneering solutions for the Department of Defense and industry-leading organizations. A three-time recipient of the Intel Software Innovator of the Year award, Design Mill continually works to transform the integration of cutting-edge interactive hardware and software through innovative design, development, and processes.
FoVI3D is dedicated to developing revolutionary 3D visualization technologies to support natural collaboration and enable rapid decision making in high-stress environments.
Goodman Technologies (GT) designs and manufactures Nanocomposites for Extreme Environments for the Sea, Space, Air and Land Domains with applications for government, civil, and commercial users. These included additively manufactured nanoceramics and nanoforested laminate composites.
HF Designworks is a user experience (UX) research and design company.
Hal Technology (HalTech) is specialized in development, engineering, manufacturing and service of environmental sensors and monitoring instruments. They also developed advanced particle sensing technologies through various government funding.
JOVE Sciences is the creator of the Advanced Correlator-Navy (ACOR-N). Its real time, multi intelligence, data fusion processor detects, tracks, classifies, and identifies maritime threats using machine learning algorithms. An unclassified version of the processor is being developed to detect, track, classify, and identify threats such as Illegal fishing vessels, pirate ships, drag runners, and more.
Maxxen Group continues to focus on both scientific innovation and engineering implementation in Mechanics along with publishing related articles in order to enhance our industry. Their experience is in e-commerce, security, spectroscopy, physics, chemistry, and engineering.
Mayachitra, Inc. is a privately held software research and engineering firm specializing in the use of AI to provide innovative solutions for multimodal data analysis and cybersecurity. Their areas of expertise include aerial video processing, satellite image analytics, media forensics, malware detection and edge computing.
Nikira Labs enables environmental scientists, oil & gas operators, and state environmental regulators with cutting-edge portable solutions to gauge air quality and the efficacy of the solutions implemented.
Seaforge ensures shipboard additive manufacturing performs everywhere you work: at sea, in port, anywhere. Seaforge technologies mitigate the harmful effects of the at-sea environment on the build process and the harmful effects the build process has in your shipboard environment.
Skayl develops technologies and tools that enable our customers to address large-scale system-of-systems integration challenges. Skayl accomplishes this by pioneering advanced MBSE and graph-based model processing that capture and exploit system semantics and behavior in formats that enable automated generation of system infrastructure solutions.
Surface Optics Corporation is the leader in characterization, control, and exploitation of surface optical properties. They provide spectral imaging systems, reflectometers, and optical coatings to both the defense and industrial marketplace.
Toyon Research Corporation is a nationally recognized small business performing both technology development and defense systems analysis. Toyon performs applied research, systems analysis, and product development to support the requirements of their customers.
TPL is a developer and manufacturer of advanced ceramic and polymeric dielectric materials and capacitive devices. They focus on high temperature dielectric film and associated wound high temperature capacitors.
Tekholding is a technology incubator focused on sustainable materials that integrate cutting-edge research with traditional materials. They focus on a wide range of materials from high performance textiles to sustainable aviation fuel.
VRR is focused on innovating large-scale disruptive advances by fusing Augmented Reality Visualizations and Controls for Unmanned/Manned Vehicles of all types. R&D successes include Drones and Swarm Tech that exploits AIs enabling the aiding humans to full autonomy.
Vision Engineering Solutions is focused on designing and developing products and engineering services for precision optical pointing and tracking systems and the transmission and collection of optical data and imagery.
Wavefront Vision Inc provides a world-record semiconductor CMOS-based image sensor (CIS) solution to the Holy Grail of few photon sensing problems. Their SQOS technology will be integrated into IoT, industrial, automatic drive vehicles, consumer electronics, UAV, robotics, medical, and other smart device platforms for smart city infrastructure, security & surveillance, wearable devices, etc.
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