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How H4XLabs Works

H4XLabs starts with real big problems from sponsors who are looking for teams and companies who are working to create a company aligned with these problems.


H4XLabs is then focused on the unique needs of companies whether a startup or existing company that want to address national and international needs. What makes H4XLabs different is that it is focused on creating dual-use companies where the government is an important customer.

Tracks Designed For You

Pre-Investment Ready. Designed for teams and individuals that are at concept stage but show validated promise with respect to specific DOD/IC problem areas (e.g. output of University-based H4D classes, government tech challenges, Hackathons, pre-SBIR, I-Corps). This track takes companies with an innovative technology and a validated sponsored pathway but whose TRL, IRL and ARL are not sufficient to attract risk capital and grants.

Market Validation. Designed for established companies (small or large) that need to do customer discovery, market validation, and business model validation. Provides a custom-designed H4X Customer Discovery curriculum intended to validate a company’s product market-mission fit. This cohort-based track uses Customer Discovery, the Business Model Canvas, and MVPs to create a validated scalable business model. 

Demonstration and Field Validation. Designed for companies that are looking to match their solutions to early customers. Guides companies through to fielded demonstrations and a pathway to full adoption and transition at scale. After a company exits the Demonstration and Field Validation Track, it will be a strong candidate for further rounds of funding, stand on its own, or be directly acquired.

Tracks Designed For You

Problem Focused Solutions

Creating companies from teams and companies solving problem for sponsors that BMNT has curated

Multi Stage Support

H4XLabs takes in founders at any stage of company creation from concept through existing company looking to enter the government market.

Regionally Focused

H4XLabs is regionally focused to take advantage of both DOD command-based resources and geographical concentrations of technology and startups

Managed vs. Agency Operations

A core value of BMNT has been to work with its customers to teach them how to create and staff their own innovation pipeline. H4XLabs is designed to operate as a standalone managed program, or to transition to agency ownership to brand and operate their own H4XLab program.

H4X Innovation Methodology

The H4XLabs program is based on the H4X® innovation methodologies developed by BMNT in partnership with Steve Blank, specifically for supporting national security mission-driven entrepreneurs

Cohort - Based

H4XLabs delivers a hybrid curriculum that is taught in cohorts, but contains specific elements focused on the mission, type and stage of each startup.

Classified Domains

H4XLabs can work with Sponsors on classified problems and work to make them unclassified and open to all companies

Advisor and Mentor Network

BMNT has an extensive network of government, business, investment, and university leaders dedicated to helping create new dual-use companies.