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Startup Services

Whether you are a technical founder trying to crack your business model or in search of greater technical support, our bespoke startup coaching is adaptable to deep tech and dual use companies. 


The team works to increase success rates and strengthen capacities in order to benefit the companies we work with during our engagement and well after. The types of work we can support includes, but is not limited to:

H4XLabs advises founders on business topics including: 

  • Strategy, on the topics of

    • Board

    • Advisor

    • Capital

  • pitch deck creation and review; 

  • company formation; 

  • corporate culture formation; 

  • mission development; 

  • basic infrastructure; 

  • IP rights; 

  • legal structure; 

  • PR & marketing;

  • Personnel strategy & recruiting;

  • lean start-up methodology (market & customer discovery); 

  • United States Government relationship management. 


H4XLabs is also equipped to assist with more specific technical & product parts of building a business. This can include work on: 

  • determining use cases;

  • alternative product roadmaps;

  • guiding customer discovery;

  • company value proposition;

  • product market fit;

  • competitive assessment;

  • go-to-market strategies.


H4XLabs can also provide access to:

  • mentors and advisors specific to company stages

  • investor communities across the US;

  • several international regional investors.

H4XLabs is building a network of portfolio companies under the H4XLabs umbrella. Working with us also provides opportunities for connections and network development among the broad collection of companies we have worked & are working with.

Contacts us at to learn more. 

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