H4XLabs for SBIR Awardees

The Office of Naval Research is offering select awardees of SBIR 20.4 ADAPT topic entrance into H4XLabs Dual-Use Business Accelerator free of charge.

Enrollment is now closed

Program Overview

H4XLabs offers two virtual programs for awardees of SBIR N20.4-A01 ADAPT - Naval Depot Modernization and Sustainment. These programs are geared towards C-level executives to help them create dual-use companies using the methodology and network of H4XLabs. We offer these programs free of charge, although companies must provide their own time and may choose to participate in events requiring some minimal optional travel expenses.

Program Offerings

The Accelerator Program

An intensive program providing advisory, instructional, mentoring, and introductory services. This is truly hands-on and requires a commitment not to only attend the sessions but to work on specific areas discussed.

The Advisorship Program

A tailored program where we work together to advise the company on a few specific topics and not on the overall strategy for taking the company to the next level.  

Is this program an in-person program?

No, H4XLabs has always been both in-person and online, but recently with the current COVID situation, H4XLabs has gone all online.

How do I get more information about H4XLabs program for SBIR awardees?

Please send an email to to learn more. For SBIR program and administrative questions and for technical questions on specific topics, please see information and instructions at

What is the goal of H4XLabs and this SBIR Phase 1 program?

The goal is to facilitate the companies ability to get follow-on SBIR grants, find customers, and ensure they have found product market fit for their products. This is done by H4XLabs leveraging the H4X process as created by BMNT, connecting the companies to BMNT's network of advisors, mentors, and potential customers, and exposing the company to BMNT's Defense Investor Network.

I am an SBIR awardee, but not for a topic that provided entrance into H4XLabs, can I enter H4XLabs?

Yes, H4XLabs offers any dual-use or government first startup the ability to directly apply to H4XLabs independent of the ONR effort. The fees associated with H4XLabs will have to be paid by the company directly. If interested, please email us at

What is the difference between the programs?

There are multiple tracks depending on you program For 19.3 and 20.1 programs. There are two tracks available. One is a full accelerator program. The other is a limited commitment advisory program. Full Accelerator Track - The program is 3 months. It is a full accelerator program. There is a 3 day on boarding at the beginning of the program, curriculum assignments, weekly checkins for under 2 hours, then a 2 day next steps to funding, customers, and grants near the end of the 3 months. Mentor and Advisory Track - The program is 3 months where you work with a mentor and a subset of advisors on a weekly basis to work on specific aspects of building your business. The commitment (other than assignments are weekly phone calls. For the 20.4 program. There are two program offerings. For 20.4 awardees you can participate both in the Interactive Workshop program and the Advisory program. But you must participate in the part of the Workshop program to take advantage of the Advisory program.

How do I sign up?

All awardees of topic 20.1 ADAPT phase I are eligible to join H4XLabs. Please just email to learn more and sign up

Does H4XLabs cost anything?

For ADAPT 20.1 awardees the fees associated with H4XLabs are paid for directly by ONR. The only expenses that a company might incur is travel expenses if they attend any of the sessions in person. H4XLabs is virtual, but it is recommended that you try to come to Palo Alto for a few days at the beginning of the cohort and near the end to maximize the value of the experience.

Is the curriculum customized to my company?

There are two parts of H4XLabs curriculum. One which is the H4XLabs H4X curriculum which is common for all awardees and then there is a custom portion that provides activities, mentors and advisors that are specific to the stage and type of company.

Does H4XLabs take any equity in the company

No, H4XLabs does not take any equity in the company as part of ONR sponsored program.

Which SBIR 20.1 awardees can apply?

Any awardee can apply, but ONR is offering awardees from Accelerated Delivery and Acquisition of Prototype Technologies (ADAPT) topic free of charge.

If I was a 19.1 Awardee, can I still apply?

Yes, but the initial program that ONR offered is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions