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H4XLabs for SBIR Awardees

The Office of Naval Research is offering select awardees of SBIR 20.4 ADAPT topic entrance into H4XLabs Dual-Use Business Accelerator free of charge.

Enrollment is now closed

Program Overview

H4XLabs offers two virtual programs for awardees of SBIR N20.4-A01 ADAPT - Naval Depot Modernization and Sustainment. These programs are geared towards C-level executives to help them create dual-use companies using the methodology and network of H4XLabs. We offer these programs free of charge, although companies must provide their own time and may choose to participate in events requiring some minimal optional travel expenses.

Program Offerings

The Accelerator Program

An intensive program providing advisory, instructional, mentoring, and introductory services. This is truly hands-on and requires a commitment not to only attend the sessions but to work on specific areas discussed.

The Advisorship Program

A tailored program where we work together to advise the company on a few specific topics and not on the overall strategy for taking the company to the next level.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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