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H4XLabs Navy Launch Program for SBIR Awardees

The Department of the Navy SBIR Program offered SBIR awardees entrance into this H4XLabs Dual-Use Business Accelerator free of charge.

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Program Overview:

The H4XLabs Navy Launch Program was created to help SBIR awardees branch out to or extend their reach into the commercial markets.

The 2022 program will begin in June, please check this page for the sign-up form and further updates.

Stage 1 -

Workshops focused on commercialization

Stage 2 -

Focused 1:1 Company specific mentoring and advising

The program is a participatory effort that provides advisory instruction around opening commercial markets, business consulting, and introductory services specific to your company. Your company is responsible for actually doing the work.  This is truly hands-on and requires a commitment not to only attend the sessions but to work on specific areas discussed. Commitment of time includes an expectation that the company’s senior leaders participate in the sessions.

Program Activities:

  • 8-10 weekly strategy sessions 1:1 with Advisors, Entrepreneurs and SMEs

  • Introductions to potential partners, advisors, & investors

  • Work on your commercialization efforts

  • These sessions are meant for senior members of your company

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