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NASA Makes Space for Small Business

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Are you an inventor, entrepreneur, startup, or small business looking to make a big impact in the world of space exploration and technology? Look no further than NASA's 2023 SBIR Ignite program! Not only will participating in the program give your business access to NASA's vast resources and expertise, but it also provides the potential for significant funding and the opportunity to bring your innovative ideas to the market.

You may not think your technology, invention, idea is space relevant; but it is! NASA is looking for technologies that are relevant to climate change, that could use space derived data, robotics, automation, sensing.

NASA's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Ignite program is designed to encourage participation from non-traditional companies and increase private sector commercialization of (R&D) initiatives. NASA aims to provide early-stage funding to small businesses, non-traditional companies, and startups in order to tap into new sources of creativity and entrepreneurship. The SBIR ignite program represents a significant opportunity to access funding and resources, and to bring cutting-edge technologies to market.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to work alongside one of the most respected organizations in the world and help shape the future of space exploration.

Join us for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) where we’ll present the program, and have a discussion around how to get engaged and involved.

Apply for NASA's 2023 SBIR Ignite program today and take your business to new heights!

How does it work?

The details of the process can be found in the solicitation:

The information below is meant to provide a high-level summary only.

  • We issue a solicitation with specific technology topics relevant to the commercial aerospace market.

  • You submit a proposal and a slide deck in response to the solicitation.

  • We will review and evaluate your proposal.

  • We invite selected companies to a closed-door presentation with a NASA review panel, which will include a Q&A session.

  • We select proposals for award, based on the presentations and Q&A sessions.

  • We notify you of the final companies selected for award.

  • You negotiate contracts with NASA’s Shared Services Center (NSSC) if selected for award.

  • We offer guidance regarding Phase II proposal submissions in your Phase I contract.

For more information, please visit NASA’s webpage. You may also view recordings of our recent webinars for more information:

For More Information: To sign up for more updates on upcoming events, key submission dates and program information

AMA Dates and Registration Links:


Target Audience

Registration Link

​March 13 1500 ET


March 17 1200 ET

Black/Brown Focused

March 21 1400 ET

General Audience Space Focused

March 24 1300 ET

Women Focused

March 28 1200 ET

Flyover States/General Focused

April 6 1500 ET

General All Group

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