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H4XLabs Navy Launch Cohort Companies: 2021

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Beacon Interactive Systems is a non-traditional defense contractor, a digital innovator delivering mission critical systems to the Department of Defense. With a focus on the transformative effects of digitizing work, the Beacon Platform drives operational efficiency and visibility - ensuring safe, secure and sustainable operations.

Caliola Engineering uses current technology to solve tomorrow's communications challenges.  They  provide superior technical products and services to enable assured, secure communications for austere environments. 

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Canvass Labs, Inc. aims to disrupt the critical Open Source Software review process used by legal, business, and engineering teams: Better, Faster, and Cheaper.

CHI Systems Inc. is a small business with 35 years of experience in the development of advanced systems that couple human centered design with  artificial intelligence and visualization technology


Continuous Solutions LLC designs and develops energy conversion and power generation components including motors, drives, inductors, instrumentation and testing equipment for vehicle electrification. Their mission is to drive an electrified future for power and energy.

HighRI Optics, Inc mission is to “enable advanced photonic applications possible” by the development of break-through nanofabrication technology and optical materials.


Cornerstone Research Group Inc. (CRG) and Lectratek LLC is an aerospace & defense company in the Dayton, OH area with approximately 100 employees consisting primarily of scientists and engineers. Lectratek is a dual-use spinoff company that is commercializing CRG's electric powertrain and propulsion technologies into the eVTOL/UAM markets.

Knexus Research Corp. is a 15 year AI and machine learning research and development company with a mission to deliver AI ML powered decision automation solutions at scale to various national agencies and commercial industry.   Our products provide unfair advantages to our clients to outthink and outmaneuver their competition. 


Li Creative Technologies, Inc. is a recognized leader in 3D audio, 3D music, speech recognition, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced digital signal processing.

Nikira Labs is a research and development company currently pursuing several SBIR funded projects. The core technology of the company is gas sensing.


Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc are sensors developers in exploiting polarization, to reveal details undetected by other imaging devices. By using advanced algorithms and calibration software enable the systems to operate beyond the performance of traditional cameras.

R-DEX Systems, Inc. provides technology solutions and innovative products to government and commercial customers. R-DEX develops and deploys cutting edge artificial intelligence, robotics, and advanced sensor solutions for mission critical systems.


Redondo Optics, Inc. is a photonics company specialized in the development and production of miniature battery powered fiber optic sensor systems based on photonic integrated optic (PIC) microchip technology for applications where weight, size, power, and cost are critical for operation. 

Reservoir Labs, Inc. is a private research and development firm specializing in high performance compute and networking, with expertise in advanced analytics and algorithms and applied  artificial intelligence.  We engage B2B with Federal and Commercial enterprise market leaders.


Seatrec, Inc. designs and sells proprietary power generation technologies that convert temperature differences into electricity.  Products using a Seatrec power system are more capable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Sentinel Occupational Safety, Inc. is a venture-backed technology startup working to save lives and prevent injury through its novel SafeGuard solution. SafeGuard is a secure IoT intelligent guardian platform leveraging sensors, analytics, and visualizations to provide personalized and proactive health and safety oversight of humans in high-risk environments and states.


Service Robotics & Technologies has built a Mission Control Center for smart buildings. Our patented, map-based facility management software platform that pulls together data from disconnected building platforms, into a common ecosystem and allows facility managers to monitor, analyze, and automate facility systems regardless of manufacturer.

Simba Chain enables organizations to monetize and unlock the hidden value of their physical and digital assets through Smart Contracts and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).


Storagenergy Technologies, Inc. is an advanced research and development company. Our core competencies include advanced materials synthesis and processing, electrochemical devices and energy systems development.

Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. applies research and development from initial concept development, prototype design, analysis, and testing, with equipment to support in-house low rate production. They formulate and synthesize new high performance materials to meet the rigorous requirements of the Department of Defense and commercial clients.

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