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H4XLabs Hacking 4 Allies
Norway Cohort Companies

Blueye Robotics designs, develops, tests, manufactures and sells an unmatched combination of user friendly and robust portable ROVs. Blueye develops underwater ROVs providing a frictionless customer experience for underwater inspections.
Dolphitech makes the next generation of ultrasonic platform for non destructive testing. Across all industries, Dolphitech provides an unbeatable ultrasonic matrix imaging technology to inspect and detect damage, degradation, and defects in mission-critical assets.
Fire Security offers certified sustainable solutions to extend cable life and avoid electrical fire, using non-toxic materials. Lifetime extension, repair and fire protection of electrical cables.
Nordic Batteries creates cold, silent, green battery energy storage solutions for harsh conditions. Nordic Batteries assembles and manufactures battery packs and energy systems, customized for maritime and demanding industrial application, enabling the green shift.
Pone Biometrics is the owner of OFFPAD (device for secure connection to your IT systems) is a unique phishing resistant biometric token offered through an on-prem or cloud based service.
SentiSystems offers a novel platform solution for real-time sensor data processing. SentiSystems deliver precise and resilient real-time sensor fusion for autonomous and robotic systems.
Squarehead Technology makes sensors that replicate the directionality and sensitivity of the human ears, automate anything acoustic - and make that information available for computers. Acoustic sensors that provide superhearing to military systems.
Tundra Drone is pioneering drone equipment with the world’s first and brightest auto-moving drone light. It gives bright lighting for drone operations in the dark and low light conditions.
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