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H4XLabs Hacking 4 Allies
Australia&India Cohort Companies

Fortifyedge is developing advanced biometric software for use cases including biometric frictionless security, cognitive human performance detection (stress, fatigue, concentration, etc.) for endpoint devices using advanced neural networks that can operate in a DDIL environment.
Invicta Prospects Group (IPG) is a veteran owned technology company specializing in the the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions for high-risk industries such as military, law enforcement and mining.
HackHunter provides a full picture of all WiFi activity in an environment and locates WiFi devices, like cameras or phones, with precision, to within inches. It’s like wearing WiFi glasses, so you can see all the WiFi in the environment in real-time.
Bellatrix Aerospace is a full-stack space transportation company based out of Bengaluru, India that is developing and manufacturing next-generation satellite propulsion systems and spacecraft.
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