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Cohort Companies


Anzyz is an Artificial Intelligence company, which uniquely integrates supervised, unsupervised and manual rule based learning through a text analytical algorithm, called Anzyz AI Insight.

AVJU produces EGG robots that sense and remove snow, ice, and vibrations from power lines. By 2023, we are solving a global infrastructure problem and cutting maintenance costs – by up to 90%.

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Eelume is a disruptive technology for subsea inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR). Eelume vehicles are basically self-propelled robotic arms whose slender and flexible body can transit over long distances and carry out IMR in confined spaces not accessible by conventional underwater vehicles.

Green Ammo is a defense technology company that develops, manufactures, and commercializes innovative electronic blank ammunition solutions for military training applications.

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Mnemonic helps businesses manage their security risks, protect their data and defend against cyber threats.

Mode Sensors is a digital healthcare company redefining the way hydration is clinically diagnosed by combining our wearable sensor technology with cloud-based data analytics. We are building technology enabling the next generation of healthcare services.

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Yeti Move is developing sustainable autonomous solutions for professional users e.g airports, industry, construction, ports etc.

Vake is a Total Maritime Domain Awareness with a combined effort. They do their part by processing multispectral satellite images with cutting-edge machine learning.

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