Pete Newell

Managing Partner

Pete is the co-founder and CEO of BMNT, which uses the H4X methodology to solve pressing national security problems. He serves as a Senior Advisor to the Department of Energy’s National Secure Manufacturing Center (NSMC) where he provides counsel to their strategy development efforts to create more agile business practices, innovation platforms and the human capital systems they require to meet future national challenges.


Pete is also an Advisor to an interagency technology accelerator and also serves on the boards of several of BMNT Partners’ portfolio companies. Prior to BMNT, Pete served as the Director of the US Army’s Rapid Equipping Force (REF). Reporting directly to the senior leadership of the Army, he was charged with the responsibility to rapidly find, integrate, and employ solutions to the emerging problems faced by Soldiers on today's battlefield.From 2010 to 2013 Pete led REF in the investment of over $1.4B in developing solutions to answer Soldiers’ most pressing needs.


Among the initiatives he developed were the Army’s $66M effort to develop and deploy renewable energy systems on the battlefield and the Army’s $45M effort to design an integrated system to gather the data required to determine the potential causes of Traumatic Brain Injury on the battlefield. He was also responsible for the Army’s first deployment of mobile advanced/additive manufacturing labs in a bid to more closely connect scientists and engineers to problems on the battlefield.


In recognition of the impact of these efforts, Defense News Media named him to their list of the top 100 most influential people in the defense industry in 2012. Pete’s experiences with REF are also the subject of case studies used in the classrooms at both the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School.