Mentor/Advisor Program

What mentoring looks like at H4XLabs

There is no standard approach to mentoring at H4XLabs. As a mentor/advisor you can work with companies working on anything from VR fighter pilot training to building microgrids in austere environments.  


Being a mentor/advisor at H4XLabs means you will be working with companies tackling critical national security problems. Our companies are dual-use, focusing on both the commercial and government sectors.

Our companies are early-stage and are still working to build out their MVPs and undergo user testing. This means you get the opportunity to help steer companies during their foundational stage. At this stage, you can help companies avoid pitfalls and make hypersonic progress.

You will get the chance to meet other experts in our network working on similar cutting edge problem areas. In addition you will get access to gatherings both in Silicon Valley and Washington DC. Through this community you will have a chance to shape the conversation about innovation in the defense space.

Who we look for

Our mentors/advisors are a mix of technologists, entrepreneurs, government experts, and educators. Their common trait is an interest in national security.

Our ideal mentors have expertise in various technology and government verticals. These include:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Automation

  • AR/VR 

  • Compliance

  • Contracting

  • Cybersecurity

  • Drones/Unmanned Systems

  • Energy

  • Entrerpeneurship

  • Govtech

  • Hardware

  • Legacy System Modernization

  • Material Science

  • Regulatory

  • Robotics

  • Security (Personnel/Facility)

  • SBIR

  • Workforce Training

Overview of the H4XLabs mentoring process

  • You will fill out our 4 minute mentor intake form - Link

  • Our H4XLabs team contacts you to schedule an onboarding phone call

  • We will place you on our mentor list to receive access to updates

  • Upon finding an appropriate match for your expertise, we will send you
    information about the startup to see if you’d be interested in connecting


  • If you want to connect, we‘ll put you in touch with the startup so that you can arrange a time to speak

  • Our H4XLabs team will periodically check in to gather your feedback

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between mentors and advisors?

Advisors help teams with specific tech/industry questions. They typically meet with the team 1-2 times. Mentors have frequent touch points with the team and help drive progress over time. They typically meet 2-4 times per month.

What is the time committment?

Advisors: 2-4 hours total per team. The time commitment for an advisor is the length of a call/meeting and subsequent follow up Mentors: 2-4 hours per month. Mentors have rolling team check in meetings

Can I mentor remotely?

Absolutely! We welcome mentors from all over the US/world.

Is there compensation for mentoring?

Our mentoring is voluntary, with H4XLabs offering no compensation. In addition, we don’t think it’s appropriate to ask for equity from the startups in exchange for any light mentor engagements (i.e., a few calls and meetings). If a mentor were to step into a more involved role, such as to take a board seat or do part-time work, the startups are welcome to discuss a more formal arrangement.

How do I become a mentor/advisor?

Thank you for your interest. Fill out our intake from and our team will reach out to you. LINK