How do I get more information about H4XLabs program for SBIR 19.3 Topic N193-A03 awardees?

Please send an email to to apply.

Which SBIR 19.3 awardees can apply?

Any awardee can apply, but ONR is offering awardees from topic N193-A03: TITLE: NAVY TECHNOLOGY ACCELERATION - Advanced Technologies (including AR/VR) for Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education free of charge

How do I apply?

H4XLabs has a rolling admission as well as cohorts. Depending on the stage of your company, just apply and we will figure out the best approach for your company or team.  But H4XLabs is Problem and Sponsor driven. So we prefer applicants who come solving a Problem for a known Sponsor and the Sponsor endorses your application.

What stage company do you accept?

We are agnostic.  If you are working on something game changing and it has applicability to the government, regardless of what stage of company you are join.  In fact, we even accept individuals who are up to something great or big companies who are onto something.

I am part of Hacking for Defense Class.  

Can I apply?

Absolutely.  Send us an email and we can talk about next steps at