Mark Peterson

SVP Operations

Mark Joined BMNT as a Senior Advisor in Feb 2017 where he provides management support, technology assessment, and startup due diligence for government and non-government customers. He is experienced as a COO, CTO, and has been responsible for P&L of +$200M.


In 2010 Mark became a co-founder of Farallon Research LLC. Mark served as its Operations Partner responsible for coordinating sourcing, due diligence, investment execution, and partnership financials. Farallon was founded to build an entrepreneur/founder-friendly platform for accelerating early-stage startups and their technologies into effective, enterprise-scale capabilities and deployments. With seed level investments, Farallon created a portfolio value of approximately $1.5B.


Mark’s professional career started at GTE Government Systems (acquired by General Dynamics) where he implemented complex space collection and intelligence systems deployed world-wide.  As technical director, he created the strategic technology roadmap and executed $10M in R&D programs. Mark then became a business director responsible for profit and loss for a $200M business and execution of $500M programs. In this capacity, Mark’s customers included all DoD services and intelligence organizations with next generation technology requirements for advanced ground/air/space sensors, secure communications, MASINT, and cyber systems.