Who Can Apply

​We take applications from anyone.  This includes individuals, teams, and early stage companies and companies expanding into the government market.


But the major difference is that we are focused on accepting teams that are working to build a company around a defined problem as identified by BMNT with a known sponsor.


For the earliest stage teams and companies, we accept on a rolling basis. For later stage companies, we are cohort based (but we are running cohorts all the time).


The major criteria is what you working on have a dual-use capability or an amazing use case in just the government.

Recommended Materials

We recommend that you have these materials on hand when applying.

    1    What is the idea/company

    2    A filled out out Business Model Canvas or Mission Model Canvas

    3    A petal diagram that talks about your competitors

    4    Information about your product or product concept

    5    Info about the team

    6    Anything else you want us to know