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Problem Centric, Sponsor Driven

Not Your Standard  Growth Accelerator

Focused on Creating Dual-Use Companies


H4XLabs is focused on working with talented companies, no matter your stage. Whether you are a small team, to a startup, to an existing company, the only requirement is that you are looking to provide amazing technology to the government market.


H4XLabs provides the guidance, curriculum, mentors and training to move your company to the next level.

H4XLabs also acts a venture studio and will partner with promising teams to turn their idea into a company.

Customized Tracks for Each Development Stage



Companies at the concept stage

Market Validation  Companies of any size looking for government product/mission market validation

Demonstration and Field Validation

Companies looking to find their first government customer

 Choose Between 2 Customized Pathways

Full 3 Month Accelerator Program

Full curriculum. Customized to the stage and type of company. Work with a full team of advisors, instructors, and advisors

Mentor and Advisor Custom program

Team up with a mentor and advisors for a week by week consulting and advice program. A limited commitment

To learn more email: h4xlabs@bmnt.com