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We Accelerate Technology Companies Supporting the United States National Interest

What is H4XLabs?

H4XLabs is an enterprise accelerator that provides support for Deep Tech company founders tackling hard problems from concept through scaling. It was formed out of BMNT, a leader in national security innovation. BMNT's vision is to capture the entrepreneurial community's innovation spirit and apply it to America's most pressing national security missions.

Our Programs & Partners

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Why H4XLabs?

H4XLabs drives companies towards success with three main networks:


Problem Networks: We make finding a paying customer for your product easy by matching your technology with our database of validated government requirements.

People Networks: Our network of business, corporate, government, investment, technical and university leaders dedicate their lives to helping Deep Tech and dual-use companies scale.

Funding Networks: We provide access to and experience in securing non-dilutive government funding, as well as our own curated set of top US investors - the Defense Investors Network (DIN).

Who is H4XLabs?

Meet the team! We are a group of advisors, innovators, builders, and more. 

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